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Friday, April 6, 2012

choral speaking!! muah!

assalamualaikum ^_^
weeeee~~~ 3 thn x msuk choral speaking . serius rindu gila!
hope menang lgi utk secondary school ni. takut _+ cuak gak la.
haha well n gudnews is aq dpt jumpa kwn skola rndah !
wee ~ they are from  smk convent n asma :)
miss u damn much frenz.
SKCONVENT :) -->miss our sweet moments there. :'(

wish us luck kayh. 
SAINA dh lama x msuk competition kot. .
ttba ja principal suruh kitorang masuk. haha
as usual lack of practice. but we will try our best.
insyaallah :)
k done . hahaha
bye2 peeps . take care.
going back to ostel already .


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